About Me

I am Ed Hendricks, the author of this extraordinary book of love poetry.

This is a book that has been in the works for 19 years! Yes . . .19 years! In 1990 I wrote my first love poem. But it was a sad love poem to a girlfriend I had mistreated and tried to win back. So I wrote a poem titled "The Love I Once Had" to her, in hopes of winning her back. It did not work for she married another man. Learned a hard lesson on that one.

I did not write another poem until 1993 and that poem was titled "As She Lays Sleep". (I later used the subject of that poem to change and update it to the poem "Of Love And Dreams", which is in the "A Night So Special" section of my book.)

Again, I took a few years off and did not write another poem until 1998. That poem was "Thieves Of Time (Stolen Moments)" which is also in the "A Night So Special" section. I also wrote another poem titled "(Love) Flight To The Stars" that year which is not in the book.

From then on I wrote more poems and just kept them for my collection, showing them here an there to friends.

In 2008, I started looking into putting my poems into a book for I was hearing a lot about self publishing and by now I had quite a few. I chose to go this route for I figured my work would not be wanted by a traditional publisher. The first version of this book was titled "Stars, Dreams, and Romance: A Collection of Simple and Beautiful Love Poems", which came out in April of 2009.

I will admit that I rushed that book for I was so eager to get a book out and see my writings in print. So all in that book was not to my liking, ESPECIALLY THE COVER! So I decided to redo the book and THIS TIME DO IT RIGHT! (See picture below)


In February of 2012, I started the revision of my book. I changed the cover, added 6 new poems, and made other changes, including making the book cheaper. I also have an e-book version now of my book.

O.K. enough on that. How about more on me.

Some things I like to do is read, WRITE (of course that!) work out, run long distance, bike some in the warm months, and swim too. I am a HUGE foreign movie fan and have seen movies from all over the world. (Of course they have to have English subtitles) Some of my favorites are: 

  • "The Lives of Others" - Germany
  • "The Italian" - Russia
  • "A Separation" - Iran
  • "No One Knows About Persian Cats" - Iran
  • "Tsotsi" - South Africa
  • "La Misma Luna (Under the Same Moon) - Mexico
  • "Terribly Happy" - Denmark
  • "Tell No One" and "13 Tzameti" - France
  • "Satin Rouge" - Tunisia
  • "Lemon Tree" - Israel
  • "The Syrian Bride" - Syria/Israel
  • "Caramel" - Lebanon

I have watched many others from many other countries such as Columbia, Brazil, China, Korea, Australia, Britain, The Philippines,Japan, Hungary, and too many more to list here.