Knights of Brave Love: The Courageous Quest for Her Eternal Heart

Welcome to my "Knights of Brave Love" page on this LSR site. I want to first say that I tied both books together and some of the poems in Knights of Brave Love are referenced and inspired by my LSR book. Also, some of the characters in Knights of Brave Love quote from LSR.

What is this amazing and imaginative story about? Here is the short version of it.

"An unusal love story for the ages. Written as a PLAY POST (PLay, POem, and STory combined) this imaginative twist of the King Arthur legend features legions of loyal warrior angels, God empowered knights, and a ferocious, Christ-backed, one-woman army battle queen armed with a lethal assortment of deadly weapons, wage righteous universal war against the dark forces of Hell and the Earth. All for the sovereignty of Heaven, the deep love inside a woman's heart, and her willingness to give and receive love eternally."

But to find out MUCH more about Brave Love, please click on the Knights of Brave Love book cover picture. It will take you to my official Knights of Brave Love site. There is also a link there to place a secure ebook or regular book order, and to bring you back to Love, Sex, and Romance.

Happy reading to all!

Knights of Brave Love/LSR