These are love poems that are in the book. While I will not place ALL of those in the book on this site, I will place SOME of them on here. You have read a few of what is in the book on the Home page. How about some more?

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 This poem is what I feel the Earth is saying to the human race as a whole. She is sick and need our help to help cure her. If we do not help her out, then we will all pay a very dear price. So I try to “speak” for her here.

 My children,

All my beautiful children

I love each and every one of you

But I have a message for you all

So please listen closely

For OUR survival is at stake

Especially yours


Millenniums ago I was formed

I was complete in every way

All my waters were clear

An so full of life

My air was clean and fresh

My forests covered so much land

And were filled with my creatures



Then The Creator made you from me


And as I welcomed more and more of you

Through the centuries of time

I gave my all to you all

Like any good mother would

And like a child that depends on its mother

You have relied on me


But you have taken too much from me

And given back very little

Now I hurt and am in pain

The delicate balance of my systems

Is no longer


 Large amounts of my waters are now dirty and toxic

And the life in them is vanishing fast

The air that supports your very existence

Helps to cause some of you pains

Vast forests that once made me even more splendid

Have disappeared

Along with the creatures that lived in them

My temperature grows warmer by the years

Upsetting my systems even more


 My children

Oh my precious children

Your needs, your wants, your desires

Have made me sick

Now that my perfect balance is no longer

My systems grow wrathful

My climate patterns that helped you so much

Now hurt and even destroy you


 I have no wish to hurt any of you

For I love you all

But you must heal yourselves

Before you can begin to heal me

Why should I suffer because of your progress? Your greed?


My children,

My lovely children

Please listen to me when I speak

For I fear my cries are going unheard by most of you

As a whole, you cannot afford to ignore me any longer

For again, your survival depends upon my survival

And one day your bodies will come back to me

While your spirits will return to The Creator

And I will “tell him” what each of you has done for me


 And to me




 In this poem I wanted to tell how dumb racism in all its forms is. Racism has divided humanity among so many lines, and when and where it divides, it has conquered. Racism is the root cause behind some of history’s great wars. (The American Civil War and World War II come to mind.) And once again, The Earth has to endure this plague upon her lands.

 My children

All my darling children

Please pay heed to the words

Of one of my children

For some of the reasons why you dislike one another

Make no sense to me

And this has caused you and I

Great pain and suffering and much death

Please my children do this for me


My brother and my sister

Outside, I may not look like you

But inside, I am just like you

Our hearts beat

Our blood is red

Our lungs breathe

We live and we love


So why cannot we love each other

As brothers? As sisters?

Why must we let differences

In color

In race

In religion

In money

In location

In talk

In work

In clothes

In cars

And so much more separate us?


I look at you and I see

My human brother

My human sister

My human neighbor

My human friend


Are we not all sharing one beautiful planet?

One planet with different parts all working together

So as the Earth sets the example of working together as one

Why cannot we as humans do the same?


The Earth moves and exists in wisdom

For wisdom and nature move as one

But racism exposes the stupidity of humanity

It is taught

It is learned

It is read

It is spoken

It is then unleashed

With dire, and even fatal results


Racism divides, then conquers

It lives and then it kills

The destroyer of dreams

The slayer of hopes

The murderer of justice


My brothers and my sisters

All over the world

I plead to you

Open your hearts and your minds

To your brothers and sisters

Who are not like you outside

But inside are the same as you


Open your hand to another

As a friend

As a fellow human being

For when racism goes then love flows


Judge not by the outer

But what the inner character is

Like Dr. King dreamed

And maybe one day

His dream will be all of ours

Thank you my brother…my sister

My friend 




 The idea for this poem came from two places. The first being the singer Alicia Keys. After watching a video of her playing the piano as she was singing, I wondered if I could write a poem about her as she played. But no words came to mind. However, I knew my subconscious would give me something soon.

Some time later, I was watching a rerun of the TV show “Cheaters®” one afternoon. The story was about a lady from Poland (She also may have been Russian, but I am not sure) who was being cheated on by her boyfriend. She just happened to be a piano player. As she was telling her story, the show cut away to another scene, in which she was playing the piano. That scene caught my eye for she looked so elegant and so passionate as she played. I then thought about when I watched Alicia Keys play also and suddenly my subconscious kicked into high gear and gave me the words I was at a loss for earlier. Words that you will soon read.

 Gazing in adoration at…

A woman so pretty

A lady so beautiful

As she plays the piano


My heart fills with delight

My ears are filled with sweet music

My imagination is so mesmerized


Look as her fingers glide with little effort

Across the keys so gracefully they dance

So light, yet so firm is her touch


I wonder what her thoughts are as she plays?

Thoughts of a touch so tender that she wants?

Thoughts of a kiss so deep that she desires?


Her body sways gently with the rhythm

A smooth motion caused by her lovely sound


I watch her in total fascination

In admiration of her skill

In awe of her spirit


Bach, Beethoven, Mozart

In the footsteps of the great ones

She now follows

For she plays with their same passion


But she loves with even more passion

For she plays the way she loves

With confidence, with romance

For what is in her heart comes out fully


Dreamy lady,

Your love of the piano

Is so special, so unique

You have filled many lives with joy

And with inspiration


May I speak for all who adore you

And say “thank you so very much”





On the first page of this site, I mentioned how a musician named John Serrie composed 2 CD's titled "Midsummer Century" and "Ixlandia" in 1993 and 1995. These CD's main subject is how time and love come together. The music is very soothing and relaxing and I strongly invite you to have a listen to them. It was these two CD's that inspired me to write a series of 5 poems that deal with time and love. This poem is the FIRST in that series.

 Across the mists of time
Through the limitless power of love
We have met...and loved

Reflections of centuries passed
And on the shores of a distant land
Our love existed

With our footprints traced in the timeline of eternity
Our souls merged into the oneness of love
The mystery of our future destiny began

As a love for the ages entwines into forever
As time and space begins the unfolding
of the two of us

For I have loved you, as you have loved me
I unfold what I have felt of your love
Through the eons of time

The vastness of time, the deepness of love
The Two also begins their magnificent unfolding
Inside our hearts

The love of two hearts spans the greatness of time
The knowing that we have loved before in our minds

    We welcome the unfolding




This is the THIRD poem in the series of 5 which has to do with time and love. Tell me what you think of this.

 As I stand at my side of the chasm
And you stand at yours
I feel you...I know you are there
And you feel me too
But great distances separate us

But we each know we must enter this great void
If we are to meet...and love
Which will win...fear or the power of love?
I know what my heart feels
As I step forward

Yet I wonder: Has she stepped forward too?
Has she overcame her fear of this unknown deepness?
Is the pull on her heart as strong as mine?
Does she have the courage
To step forward as I have?

Moving cautiously within the void
It takes over my very being
Thrown about by it's unforgiving nature
Always challenging my mind
Frustrates all my find you

In this magnificent quest of the heart
The void will test us, deny us, fail us
However persistence & determination will win for us
For they will help to unite our hearts
In love

Inside space and time
We meet
I see you, know you, love you
My heart sings joyful thanks
For your leap of faith too

For the void has done to you what it has done to me
This chasm of lifes circumstances& experiences
Had changed our hearts and minds
With it's relentless testings
Making our love stronger

And now, across the eternal expanse of time
To the center of our lives today
We are now in love with

  The Other




I took some of my favorite things about nature and made them into this poem. To me, nature is the greatest inspiration for writing. Do you agree?

 If I could. . . .

I would take the petals from a rose so red
The tint of the ocean, so deep and blue
A ray from the sun, bright and yellow
Wrap them all in my love, and give it to you

 I would gather the colors from the elusive rainbow
Some drops of moisture, from the morning dew
The pleasant sounds of a soft summer rain
Bundle them with my love, and give it to you

I would take a beam from the full moon so bright
The glow from a thousand stars, born anew
A tender moment or two, from space and time
Group them with so much love, and give it to you

The devotion of lovebirds, snuggled so close
The passion of two lovers, alone together
Honor, respect, adoration in our hearts so true
We could give all these things to each other, forever.




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