This section has poems I wrote that are not in the book. Some of these poems are older, and some will be newer.

Feel free to let me know what you think of this section.


I took the game of Tag that we used to play as kids, mixed it with love, and turned it into a love poem. As strange as this poem and the thinking behind it may sound, I think I may have succeeded in making this work.

Tag, you're it

"It" means you're the one I am in love with

You're the one I adore

You're the one I always think about

The one I see in my dreams

My mind lights up when it pictures you

                   This is why...


               Tag, YOU ARE IT


The one I want to be with

Forever and ever

I can see spending eternity with you

The one I want to love eternally

The one I want to make love to forever

And I know you feel the same



             Tag, YOU ARE IT


You're the one I want to write about

When I think of love

Loving you feels so easy, so right

My thoughts flow without effort

My pen writes without stopping

My inspiration&imagination flows

When I think about loving you



          Tag, YOU ARE IT


I am the one you are in love with

I am the one you think about

When you smile

For my love has captured your heart

My love has entwined into your soul

My love had made you dream of forever

Knowing I love you has made you whole again

And I am blessed for this


And as you now touch me


                I realize....


        Tag, I'M IT




I was watching my two cats G-Rock (Both now deceased) and Asia goofin' off one day and the thought came to me to write a poem about how I can compare the animal kingdom to the love of a woman. Again, as strange as it may sound, I think this poem did just that. I know it is me being a goofball, but I think if you follow the poem you can figure out what I am trying to say in the end.

What are the animals that I can compare your love to?


 AN ELEPHANT for how large your love is in my life.


 A GIRAFFE for how tall your love makes me feel.


 A LION for your love makes me feel like a king.


 A CAT for all the mysterious qualities your love is to me.


 A PIG for I want to HOG as much as I can of your love.


 A PORCUPINE for at times you can be sharp but I never forget how soft you are underneath.


 A PEACOCK for how loving you makes my heart strut with pride and wonder.


 A CHAMELEON for the changing nature of your love, which excites me.


 A RHINO to charge&break through any obstacles to your love.


 AN EAGLE the king of the air, your love makes my heart soar.


 A DOVE for the peace loving you brings to my heart.


 A SWAN reminds me of how beautiful&graceful you are to me.


 AN OTTER for the fun times we have together.


A DOLPHIN for the playful qualities of your love.


                        And most importantly...


 A MAN to love you always, like a true man should.







I am not a cold weather person. As you all may know, I LOVE the summer. But for some reason, the title of this poem came to me and it just stuck in my mind. Finally I thought to myself that I need to write this poem and get it out of the back of my mind. This is what I came up with.


Remember the December when we fell in love

When love glowed so hot in our hearts

And made the cold go away


For the love we shared throughout the year

January and February’s winter chill was made warm by your love

March, April, and May your love gave me the spring of life

June, July, and August in love made for a hotter summer

September, October, and November made me fall even more for you

A full year’s test of time

December comes again, and you are still mine


Yes, I remember the December being in love

Loving you. . . admiring you

Sharing tender moments together

Making passionate love to each other

Suddenly such a cold month

Burns so brightly


My love, let’s remember next December

As we love through another year

Let’s make next December one of many

We will treasure and remember 




This poem is about that time together that two people spend, who are in love. They enjoy each other's company and want to spend as much time as possible together. To let each other know that their time together is truly the sweetest of time.
My darling,

The time we spend together
Is so precious
So enjoyable
So sweet

Coupled in life and love we are
And when we add respect and admiration
Affection and adoration
Then our time becomes even more sweeter

With you, I feel so alive
My imagination has full play
Free to glide through the stars
To see the impossible as reality
And to love you even more

Just like a bear that savors the dripping honey
It delights in it's delicious flavor
The pleasing aroma of a flower so pretty
It's essence arouses the senses

May I compare our time together to these natural wonders?
May I do the same for our love?

For a day with you is a dream come true
As well as nights filled with tender passion
May we have many special moments through the years
Over and over again

My love,
If eternity is like today
Then I will cherish it, welcome it
For it will be the sweetest of time for us







This poem is about the eyes of love, and what the poet inside me sees and imagines when he looks into them.

We all know that the eyes hold a special meaning for each other when in love. A meaning that goes beyond words sometimes. This is me trying to put those these feelings into words.


I, Poet

Have fallen in love with you

Attracted I have become to

Your sweet personality

Strong faith

Timeless devotion

Loving & playful affection


But those eyes,


Those stunning eyes


Sometimes sad

Mostly happy

Always loving

Attracts the poet inside me

Inspires the poet to dream

To wonder . . .


The poet gazes inside your lovely eyes

And imagines writing words that

Touch the heart

Stir the soul

Comfort the spirit of the reader


The poet yearns to write heroic tales

Tell the world amazing stories

Of the magic within your eyes


Moved by love

Aroused by fantasy

This little "story" is a great start

Of magnificent stories to come







Those of you that may have read my book "Love, Sex, and Romance" know that there is a poem in it titled "On A Summer's Day". In the poem, I tell how I love the summer and it is my favorite time of year.  This poem is a continuation of that theme.


Also, see if you can figure out who (or what) my summer lover is.


At the end of May, I feel my lover come near
Warmth tells me she will soon be here
And in my heart, I hold her so dear

In the final weeks of spring
My lover and I start our “fling”
For her I will forever have a “thing”

She starts off warm, and then she grows very hot
Always giving me all she’s got
And for me that “hits the spot”

I gaze in delight when she sheds her spring clothes
Without a care, she bares her soul
And it makes me lose all control

June. . . my heart leaps high in the air
For my lover and me are now a pair
Into her blooming eyes I can now stare

When I gaze into her splendid eyes
I get such a wonderful surprise
Nature shows how she is so wise

My skin longs for the heat of her touch
I just can never get enough
For I am in love with her so much

When I feel my lover’s breeze
And hear her breath through the trees
I feel it’s me she wants to please

My lover is such a sensual mistress
My personal and faithful seductress
Oooh, how I love the fire of her kiss

She’s so special that she makes the moon wait
While the sun stays ever so late
The outstanding things she does for her mate

However, I know my lover will not stay
For soon she must go away
My heart once again saddens on that day

Her caress, her kiss, I will remember it all
As the autumn leaves start to call
And the leaves change and fall

But I will take heart, and hold no fear
Imagining my lover’s whisper in my ear
Waiting for her grand return next year





































































































































































































































































































































































































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