Special Poems

In this section I have decided to put on here some special poems which I have wrote. These poems more than likely will not be the deep-hearted love poems that are featured on here. But they will be inspired by my love for humanity and my fellow man/woman.




  I want to start out by telling you that I wrote this poem because of my love and compassion for my fellow human beings that were, and are hurt by SENSELESS gun violence. While watching the evening news one night, a story came on in which a 16 year old boy was shot and killed for no good reason. His mother was on the TV crying her heart out, and asking why did this have to happen. My heart went out to her as I felt her pain. I wish I could have reached through the TV and give her a big hug of comfort and reassurance.

To add more to the television part of this, one of my favorite TV shows to watch is on the A&E network. Titled  “The First 48” in which a homicide has been committed and the detectives try to solve it inside 48 hours, it is usually a gun that has been used in the crime.

NEEDLESS gun violence is totally out of control and most of it is unnecessary. Several recent shootings in which innocent people (especially very young children) were killed mercilessly prove my point. How many people have died and will die worldwide because of such thoughtless actions? When will it stop?

I could go on and on about this subject, but it is not my intention here to lecture. Instead, I will let this poem do all my talking.


Ohhh, the troubles One Gun has caused
Lifetimes of tears, sadness, and sorrows

Mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers
Aunts, nieces, uncles, nephews
Children, teens, adults young and old
Have all felt the pain from One Gun

One Gun has no brain
No mind
No personality
No feelings
But the one behind it does

One Gun cannot say "No, I will not pull this trigger"
One Gun will not say "There is another way to solve this"
One Gun does not say "Let's talk my friend, my brother, or even my lover
But the one behind it can

When One Gun gets filled
And then emptied
Lives are emptied
Homes are emptied
Schools are emptied
While the jails and the graveyards get filled

When One Gun speaks
Someone's blood leaks
When you see One Gun's breath
Someone smells of death

Billions of tears, One Gun has shed
The color of fear, One Gun loves red
Where there are drugs, One Gun is there
When there are hugs, One Gun is rare
Dividing the races, One Gun has caused
Teary eyed faces, One Gun needs to be paused

Rich or poor, suburb or ghetto
One Gun does not care where the blood flows

All over the Earth
One Gun has been felt
Not a blessing but a curse
One Gun has dealt

Churches, malls, school halls, even city hall
One Gun has touched us all

But One Gun has its limits
The hand that holds it
The mind that controls it

That mind can be educated
To never picked up One Gun
That mind can be re-educated
To put down One Gun

And the hands that hold One Gun
Can shake another hand in peace
And the hands that held One Gun
Can be put together...

   In Prayer




 This poem is about a bomb and all the pain and grief it causes. I wanted to let the bomb itself do the talking when I wrote this for I feel it, too has a “story” to tell. A sad story I hate to say.  But in the end, hope wins out.

 Recent events in which a bomb has caused tragedy in Boston, and also worldwide in countries which bombs of all types are used to hurt and destroy the lives of many, especially the innocent.

 As in the poem "One Gun", again, I ask . . . when will the madness end?

I am . . .

Otherwise known as "3D's"


Created I was to be one with the 3D's
Made to cause disruption, destruction
And ultimately . . .death

I have no mind of my own
But the ones who build me does
Constructed with the intent to hurt
To cause mental and physical pain
And to kill

Alert I am to their anger as they put me together
I sense their evil thoughts as I grow
Piece by piece I feel their wrath
When whole, I am a masterpiece of rage

When I go off, dreams are crushed
Hopes are ruined
Lives are shattered

My will depends on the will of my creator
Do they want me to be a Unabomber?
An Oklahoma City madman? A Marathon bomber?
A Terrorist? Or a nation?

The bigger I am, the more fear I produce
And the more respect I THINK I get
For the world has twice seen my force
And felt the grief afterward

History has been very good to me
For my makers have used me to determine who is right
And who is left

Not mediation but salvation is what they seek from me
And inside their minds, they are saved
For now

I kill more effectively than any lion or tiger
But I do not see nature as a friend
I sometimes wonder if wisdom is either

Can one person control me?
Can mankind as a whole control me? My power?
Again, history answers that question
For it has repeated itself over and over again

Only by mastering your thoughts, your desires, your fears
Your “need to be right always” can you begin to master me
How do you expect to control me when you cannot control yourselves?

   Not possible

Begin by seeking the TRUE will of your creator
Change yourselves, then I will change
For TRUE peace does not need me

Heal your hearts and your minds, humans
Then your spirits

Maybe one day, those who made me in insecurity
Will take me down in security
Will dismantle me in peace
And destroy me once and for all

   In love




 This poem is about domestic violence and the physical and emotional pain it leaves behind. The inspiration for this poem came from the pop star Rihanna and the abuse she suffered. I remember looking at the after effects of the beating she took and thinking how brave she was to show her face to the world. Suddenly my subconscious kicked in and gave me the inspiration for the subject and title of this poem.

But I ask . . .are not women all over the world BRAVELY showing their faces and living through the horror of being abused? I want to let them ALL know that I feel for them and I wish to honor their courage with my poem here.


This face for the world to see
Different from billions of others
Unique in its own ways
But yet it had . . .

Attracted you
Admired you
Loved you

Look at my face now
Sad . . . tired


For something inside your soul has changed for the worse
The light within your spirit has turned dark
Evil has won the battle for your heart

These eyes that once lit up when they saw you
Now are dull and gloomy
The ears that always wanted to hear your voice
Instead hear you rage and disrespect
The nose that deeply inhaled your scent
Is now filled with my fear, your anger
The lips that lovingly wanted to touch yours
Now tremble in terror
This body that longed for your touch
Now draws away from your hand

You choose to express your love for me
With insults . . . accusations . . . lies

   And with blows

My face reveals the result of your anger
Bruised & battered
Broken & scarred

The scars go deeper inside my mind
Where painful memories replay an endless movie
Where confusion reigns supreme
As to why you had to hurt what you loved

Yes, the pain inside is deep
But my courage goes deeper . . . much deeper by far
It has given me power greater than your blows
Strength beyond your betrayal
Your violent acts have affirmed my determination
To survive, to heal
To come back stronger than ever before

Just as a soldier goes through the hell of war
I, too have lived through your hell
Your self created war against me
And my noble face

Though my face shows the conclusion of your anger
Under the scars, hope still exists
For to dream is to live fully

On the surface, my face bears witness to injustice
But inside, my spirit knows God will judge me fairly

   And you as well

Heaven's scales ALWAYS judge right and wrong
The law of karma will reveal its truth

And on that great day
I will turn my brave face to the sun

   And smile




 This is a poem about new beginnings. About opening you heart again to love, after going through some pain. I am sure a lot of you readers have had to do this at some point in your life. (I KNOW I have!) Though this poem may start out sad, it ends in the hope of the heart.

A simple person am I
Living . . . loving
Loving . . . living

With a heart full of faith and hope
A heart that overflows with love
For myself . . . my family . . . humanity
And for my “Special One”

But that one broke open my heart
And filled it with pain and sorrow
So much sadness

Why is this happening to me?
Is my life worth living anymore?
Can I get over this heartbreak?

But I will learn to
put aside the painful past
And to learn to trust once more
To give the best of my mind
To share the secrets of my heart
And my body

For I deserve the best of love
I deserve respect and admiration
I yearn to once again feel passion and romance
For what I wish to receive
I lovingly give unselfishly
And without limits

Hope springs eternal in my heart
Faith says to hold on to it tightly
Courageous I am for opening my heart once more
To love again










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